• I teach Buddhism and Himalayan religious traditions at Smith College, where I also serve as the director of Smith’s Buddhist Studies Concentration and the Five College Tibetan Studies in India Program. Additionally, I teach for the Rangjung Yeshe Institute’s Online Learning Program based in Boudhanath, Nepal, and for the Vasudhaiva Institute based in Oslo, Norway.

• My research involves investigating the relationships between different types of knowledge. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the relationships between analytical ways of knowing and nonconceptual ways of knowing, as they are understood in Tibetan Buddhist philosophical systems. I’m currently revising a book manuscript that considers some of the aspects of these relationships from the perspective of the 15th-century Tibetan scholar Gorampa Sonam Senge in his text, Synopsis of Madhyamaka (dbu ma’i spyi don).

• Other research interests include religious practices in Kinnaur, women and gender minorities in Buddhism, and the growing role of technology in the humanities.

• When I’m not teaching or writing, I’m probably brewing beer, learning the banjo, or practicing Ashtanga Yoga.


with jomos from the jampa choling nunnery institute, 2015
with jomos from the jampa choling nunnery institute, 2015